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Delhi: 60 Containment Zones and how they differ from Hotspots

What is a COVID-19 hotspot?

Areas in districts where six or more people have tested positive for corona-virus(Covid-19) are identified as “hotspots”. The areas are recognized based on the assessment of risk factors, probability of high degree of virus spread and whether people are taking the lock-down seriously

What is a containment zone or area?

MOHFW defines the containment zone as a specific geographical area where positive cases of corona-virus(Covid-19) are found. Strict movement restrictions are put in place in such areas to prevent further spread of the virus. The zones are conceived to map the local transmission of the disease and prevent the contagion from spreading

What is the difference between a hot spot and a containment zone?

While a hotspot is converted into a containment zone, a containment zone need not always be a hotspot. The authorities declare some lanes or neighborhoods as containment zone even if it has one case, but it is declared a hotspot particularly when more than 6 cases appear.

What’s allowed:

  • Home delivery of essential items like groceries, medicines, and dairy products by government authorized delivery personnel only
  • Going to the hospital for medical emergencies
  • Ambulances with special permission
  • Rigorous door-to-door monitoring
  • Sanitation of the area


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