“Social and emotional learning enables learners to effectively understand process, manage and express the social & emotional aspects of their lives”.

- Peter salovey & John D. Mayer


Abhigya foundation promotes communication among teachers and parents which helps parents to understand the weaknesses and strengths of their children, it also encourages parents to send children to school every day. By this parents become aware of quality education in schools and it will determine the social accountability of the teaching staff and the rest of the staff.


Parent’s intervention is a parent education program which encircles the philosophy that how parents can raise children without the use of punitive discipline which is damaging to the parents, the children and their relationship. The intervention will assist the parents to be a part of the holistic growth of the children.


Preparing children to be responsible, productive, caring and engaged citizens is a timeless pursuit that continues to be the goal of education today. The effort at Abhigya will be to help teach children how to be empathetic, caring and to create a supportive, trusting school environment where they can feel safe and thrive too.


Absenteeism of teachers and students is a big issue in Primary Schools in Uttar Pradesh. Biometric is a real solution to this issue. Abhigya Foundation successfully tested device and software. This biometric system is equipped with time, attendance and photo. This biometry system is helping us to minimize any corruption in the Mid-day-meal system as well. During the intervention, the attendance of teachers, as well as students, has increased by double folds.


According to the guidelines on Food Safety and Hygiene for School level Kitchens under Mid-Day-Meal scheme, the food serving area should be cleaned. However, it is very unlikely in Government Primary schools, especially in remote areas. Kids use to eat on the floor and those are not very hygienic. Abigya Foundation is providing benches to the children, ensuring healthy eating for the children. The students are also using these benches for studying at schools as well


Abhigya Foundation is facilitating teachers to improve student learning, which including factors such as behavior (a positive attitude, happy facial expressions, encouraging statements, the respectful and fair treatment of students, etc.), environment (a welcoming, well-lit classroom filled with intellectually stimulating learning materials that are organized to support specific learning activities), expectations (the ways that teachers expect students to behave toward other students).


We use modern technologies, and tools to do Surveys from Households such as Parental Surveys to understand the social economic conditions of families secondly Teacher Survey to understand the motivation level, teaching ability, and their knowledge, Cook’s Survey to ensure the qualitative outcomes of the meal provided to children by Midday meal in Schools as well as Cognitive and Intellectual testing for understanding the learning ability of a Child.


This Assessment is collected during the monthly parent-teacher meeting regarding the Problems faced by children in their academics, benefits of parental support and accountability of teachers towards children, progress of children in terms of Physical, cognitive, language and creative development, and the outcomes of their activities through SEL.


Our studies say that Poor iron status affects 50% of Indian women and children. It compromises work productivity, cognitive performance, and reproduction. Among the many strategies to reduce iron deficiency is the commercial fortification of iodized table salt with iron to produce a double-fortified salt (DFS) and it is proved that DFS improves the haemoglobin level and cognition level of the children. So abhigya also provides DFS to the schools which is further on used in Midday meals.